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IDES Entertainment will greenlight, manage and oversee productions with $2-10 million dollar budgets funded by the IDES Film Fund from XEILON AS. Petter Kleppan, Executive Chairman of leading tech company, Xeilon AS, has joined with IDES Entertainment feature film producers, Scott Seegmiller and Emil Garner, to back development for a slate of independent film projects in the international specialty space. Nate Lake, rounds out the executive board of IDES Entertainment as Producer of Marketing and Distribution.

IDES Entertainment cannot accept or consider any unsolicited material, ideas or suggestions of any nature whatsoever. Should you submit unsolicited materials you acknowledge that your submission may contain ideas which are the same or similar to ideas that where previously developed, or may be developed, by IDES Entertainment or other third parties without use of your content.

IDES Entertainment, LLC

730 Arizona Ave.

Santa Monica CA 90401


 +1 (323) 825-2800  

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